Happy New Year! Classes starting soon…

Hope you all had an amazing holiday season – I know I ate too much :-0 but that’s not news.

So I am very much looking forward to starting to dance again in another week if the Dovercourt classes run, and the week after at Routhier and Old Ottawa South!  Check the schedule here!

What’s on our plate for Bellywood with Halyma this winter session?


We’ll be stretching those fingers and arms to get those really cool mudras, arm positions and combination more accurately executed.  For new folks, this is great as I will help you that focus on each move and how it’s actually supposed to happen.  For return dancers, it means reviewing what you may have felt you were grasping on the surface but glossing over in order to get right into the  Fall choreography – which was GREAT, BTW !

We’ll also be bending those knees, and getting deeper into the full body technique, playing with the silhouettes we can create as we pose and then move into new poses!


Continuing the thought on full body technique, we’ll explore being conscious of our posture as we dance from toes to the tip of your head and out to your finger tips!


Some fun combos that we’ve used in the past will be explored and played with,using the routines we’ve done in the past as reference and sharpening up the moves we have played with.  And NEW ONES!

So, welcome to 2012, and I look forward to seeing many of you at class  in the next couple of weeks!


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