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Checked out @zoolegacy, as I prep for Thursday at Mavericks for @delhi2dublin!

Downloaded from their website linkage!

THE NEW ALBUM IS OUT TODAY! Download it here!<br />&lt;a href=”” data-mce-href=””&gt;City Light Glow by Zoo Legacy&lt;/a&gt;Never heard you guys before, but Dying Song is already stuck in my head!

So while my dancing will be confined to the dance floor, I am looking forward to seeing some of my dance friends there!


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Fusion Fun: Mudras with Amrita Choudhury and @Delhi2Dublin

A while back, I picked up Amrita Choudhury’s book on mudras to help me explain them in class and practice them myself!  Here’s her latest promotional video:

And since I am talking about the Bellywood fun in my world, I’ve also got plans to see Delhi2Dublin when they hit Ottawa at Maverick’s on October 25th.

They often seem to be here on a weeknight, but since it’s right after my Thursday Bellywood, class, I think I can manage to be a night owl for one night!
I totally love their new album and have used 2 of their songs for class routines already! Here’s one of their early songs that I have performed to at some events in the past:

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