What makes dancing so fabulous? The dancers, of course!!

Some of my lovely friends in dance spent last evening with me at the latest For Love Of Dance charity fundraiser.

Along with the professional dance troupe I work with, Bollywood For Fun, ( yes, Sugandha, you have enlisted in a professional troupe!), I also love playing with my Bellywood students ( last night known as, “Bunnywood for Noms”- you had to be there).


Banana Smile { note the bunny?}


Ameenah’s New Haircut looks awesome!




Traditional Group Selfie Time: Madhumaki, Cassandra, Ameenah, Halyma, Sugandha, Paprycia

And with loads of fun backstage happening, we also get to see other dancers performing their styles with flare and energy and fun!

Thank you to the ladies who were able to come out and perform with me, and I know there will be more photos soon – I’ll add a link when they are viewable!

A quick note on unpaid dancing:

I volunteer dance A LOT. I don’t do a lot of other charity work, so if I can dance, contribute my time and energy to making people smile, and have a blast while doing it, I’m ok with that. I choose the events that I dance at, and the whole concept of ” it’ll be great promotion for you” is whooey in my mind. My website is great for promoting me. My previous clients and friends are great for promoting me. My volunteer dance time is great for making me feel good about me. 



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4 responses to “What makes dancing so fabulous? The dancers, of course!!

  1. Reblogged this on Halyma and commented:
    This happened to be a Bellywood related performance, but this applies to when we belly dance too!

  2. sugandha

    Now I do ….and agree we are professionals with fun side 🙂

  3. sugandha

    I love Cassandra’s expression in the selfie …

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