About BellyWood…

BellyWood is the  name I chose to title my  fun fusion of Bollywood dance and Belly dance.  Well, it’s not really just mine, it’s been happening for years!

Many times folks would find out that I belly dance and then innocently inquire if I wear a sari when I do it.  Dancers for years have been borrowing from each other’s dance forms in costuming, music remakes, and more.

With my latest adventures into Bollywood For Fun, I realized that my love of dance has a style, not a specific country of origin!  While I will still focus on respecting each cultures actual dance moves, music, costuming and essence when I am performing one or the other, I am very excited to be exploring fusing my favourites from both Bollywood and Belly dance into one energetic and elegant new style!

Using music from many sources, indian, arabic, european and north american, I’ll be taking the movements from each dance form, breaking them down with explanations of their origins[bearing in mind the anecdotal nature of dance].  Throughout the course I’ll begin layering and melding the moves together to bring out your feminine side, combining the softness and grace found in both dance forms, along with the energy and joy also found in both to give a great workout!

Classes run in September, January and April


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