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What makes dancing so fabulous? The dancers, of course!!

Some of my lovely friends in dance spent last evening with me at the latest For Love Of Dance charity fundraiser.

Along with the professional dance troupe I work with, Bollywood For Fun, ( yes, Sugandha, you have enlisted in a professional troupe!), I also love playing with my Bellywood students ( last night known as, “Bunnywood for Noms”- you had to be there).


Banana Smile { note the bunny?}


Ameenah’s New Haircut looks awesome!




Traditional Group Selfie Time: Madhumaki, Cassandra, Ameenah, Halyma, Sugandha, Paprycia

And with loads of fun backstage happening, we also get to see other dancers performing their styles with flare and energy and fun!

Thank you to the ladies who were able to come out and perform with me, and I know there will be more photos soon – I’ll add a link when they are viewable!

A quick note on unpaid dancing:

I volunteer dance A LOT. I don’t do a lot of other charity work, so if I can dance, contribute my time and energy to making people smile, and have a blast while doing it, I’m ok with that. I choose the events that I dance at, and the whole concept of ” it’ll be great promotion for you” is whooey in my mind. My website is great for promoting me. My previous clients and friends are great for promoting me. My volunteer dance time is great for making me feel good about me. 



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Checked out @zoolegacy, as I prep for Thursday at Mavericks for @delhi2dublin!

Downloaded from their website linkage!

THE NEW ALBUM IS OUT TODAY! Download it here!<br />&lt;a href=”” data-mce-href=””&gt;City Light Glow by Zoo Legacy&lt;/a&gt;Never heard you guys before, but Dying Song is already stuck in my head!

So while my dancing will be confined to the dance floor, I am looking forward to seeing some of my dance friends there!

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Why I use video for choreos!

Creating choreographed pieces for my students and/ or troupe/group mates can be a fun and challenging experience. Years ago, before Bellywood, before I had a Mac, I would try to write out the routines for my students.
This is what I write now:


And that’s why they never see this until now! These two routines are in the process of being developed. My dancing of it will be videotaped over the next few weeks and privately shared with the performers as they prepare for the June OCCP!

No notes- they now can make their own!!
See some of you tonight!!

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Still room and time to join!

Here’s the scoop:

Tuesday’s 7:30 to 8:30 class is running and rockin’ it at Old Ottawa South – and there’s still room to join in!  Come by next week if Tuesdays are good for you and give it a try at 260 Sunnyside.

Wednesday’s class at Dovercourtis gonna give it one more try tonight – if we can get one more sign up, the book keepers are happy,the small group gets some serious focus and the class will run.  So if you are thinking about it and just want to try a class to see if you like it – please come on by tonight for the 7:45 p.m. class at 411 Dovercourt!

UPDATE : Yes, both Tuesday and Wednesday classes will run this session – so come on by!!

Otherwise, I hope you are all dancing and having fun this cold blustery January!!

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Happy New Year! Classes starting soon…

Hope you all had an amazing holiday season – I know I ate too much :-0 but that’s not news.

So I am very much looking forward to starting to dance again in another week if the Dovercourt classes run, and the week after at Routhier and Old Ottawa South!  Check the schedule here!

What’s on our plate for Bellywood with Halyma this winter session?


We’ll be stretching those fingers and arms to get those really cool mudras, arm positions and combination more accurately executed.  For new folks, this is great as I will help you that focus on each move and how it’s actually supposed to happen.  For return dancers, it means reviewing what you may have felt you were grasping on the surface but glossing over in order to get right into the  Fall choreography – which was GREAT, BTW !

We’ll also be bending those knees, and getting deeper into the full body technique, playing with the silhouettes we can create as we pose and then move into new poses!


Continuing the thought on full body technique, we’ll explore being conscious of our posture as we dance from toes to the tip of your head and out to your finger tips!


Some fun combos that we’ve used in the past will be explored and played with,using the routines we’ve done in the past as reference and sharpening up the moves we have played with.  And NEW ONES!

So, welcome to 2012, and I look forward to seeing many of you at class  in the next couple of weeks!

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Getting back into the swing and sway!

Time flew by and August was amazing, but it’s gone now and all I have are my memories and a pile of digital pics to sort and put online!

September brings my new dance class schedule too and organizing, promoting, postering a bit and mainly reminding folk online that in another week or two, we can get moving to those fun rhythms and learning some new moves and choreos!

So, if you’ve got that itch to dance, check out the class schedule here and join in the fun this fall!

Meanwhile – here’s me and Barbara Eden – how cool is that! { sorry it’s so fuzzy – it’s a pic of a pic!}


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First Public Show – backstage!

On December 11, 2010 Samahang  Ala Eh! a non profit organization hosted a Variety Show entitled “IBA’T-IBANG KILOS, ISANG LAYUNIN.

This fundraising event was held at the Bronson Centre Theatre,  211 Bronson Ave.,  Ottawa,  ON, on Saturday, December 11, 2010 in support of their commitment to assist and motivate a financially challenged group of students in their hometown of Batangas in the  Philippines, by giving them the opportunity to complete a high school education.

Bellywood with Halyma was invited to perform as part of the evening’s entertainment and I was so pleased that 5 of my students from our first session ever were willing to join me on stage that evening!

I hope to get shots from the organizers in the future, but here we are back stage:

Jaana, Sadira, Ameenah, Halyma, Esmerelda, Renuka

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Halfway through our first session!

Just wanted to thank everyone who has signed up for and has been coming out for this first session of Bellywood Classes with me.

I really have been having a great time with the energy of the groups and just getting moving differently!

I am really looking forward to our choreography and every week a little bit more comes together and then we get to show it off in December – YAY!

So thanks again all and remember that you can check out the Dancers’ News on my other site in order to find out about fun events and more happening related to our dance and our sister dance, Bellydance!

See ya this week with more moves and fun!


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Let’s Dance!

Have you ever wanted to take Belly dance classes? What about Bollywood Classes?

Well, now you can do both at once!

Join me for BellyWood with Halyma starting September 2010!

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