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Spring classes starting in April!

If you have been feeling couped up this winter and are longing to get out and dance, registration has begun for my Spring Bellywood class at the Routhier Community Centre!

I also have my Awaken your inner Goddess class scheduled right before the Bellywood, so if you are looking for a lovely way to warm up before we start getting a bit more active, feel free to sign up for the 2 hours!

With the session begin a short one, we’ll be having some general fun and getting moving, maybe playing with a short routine, but keeping it light for the most part!

Byward Market

Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Street, Ottawa, ON
Register online: or call 613-244-4470

April 23 to May 28, 2015  6 weeks   only $49 per course

Awaken Your Inner Goddess
6:30-7:30 pm Barcode 957091

Bellywood with Halyma[ Bollywood-bellydance Fusion]
7:30-8:30 pm Barcode 959444


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Awakening your inner goddess- new classes in May

Halyma - hammin' it upI have been connected with spirituality all of my life, though always interpreting it from my own perspective.

I was raised RC, but really only connected with a beautiful image of Mary, standing on a crescent moon, gently overseeing us all- pretty goddess like in her mother of god aspect.
See what I mean?


The only relic from my RC childhood.

When I was a teen, I was exposed to glimmers of the occult, tea leaf readers, mediums, tarot card readers, etc. and I found it both amazing in its “accuracy”, and mostly comforting in its practice.

I do have some skepticism in that I am not convinced everyone practicing divination has good intentions, and one must take the information with a pound of salt, I have had enough moments of being ” plugged in” that I know there is something to it.

The comfort I find in its practice relates more to my own experiences where much of what I have been told has been a re utterance of thoughts and beliefs I have already had and was unsure if I should follow through. The readings would help me sort through my own thoughts and process my decisions. Or just reassure me I was on the right track!

And that can be simply the gift of speaking with a stranger or friend who has a different perspective and can offer new insights. Or it could be divinity manifesting through another, as the embodiment of something bigger and more powerful when combined than it is when separated.

So, getting back to awakening your inner goddess as a new dance course I’ll be presenting.

Over the 16 years that I have been teaching belly dance, for a few summers, I was blessed. Co-facilitating a workshop called Dancing With The Elements, Michelle Hrynyk and I would spend a day in the company of amazing women, with me teaching ( suggesting) ways for them to interpret the 5 elements { Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit} into dance, and Michelle would guide them through a series of movement mediations. It was powerful, amazing, opening and I was always touched by the participants as much as I hope we touched them.

Then life took Michelle to another path, and I felt it was not a workshop I could do alone, nor could I replace her with someone else.

So I continued to teach dance courses, enjoying the technical and beautiful aspects of learning and growing as I taught others, but I have missed sharing the focus on the spiritual aspect of Bellydance.

I still feel it myself, but sharing it, connecting with others and seeing their moments of connecting with something deep inside, that’s important.


The moves matter, the physical form is important, and finding those perfect combinations of dance elements to make a beautiful dance performance are always extremely relevant to the growth of any dancer.

But what fuels that fire?

What drives us as dancers to perfect those movements?

What do we need to connect to so that our dance touches others from more than a technical perspective?

I want to explore that with dancers of all levels – beginners through pros.

I want to help others bring their joy, their power, fear, anger, sensuality, creativity, all of it into their dance.

One way to do that is to play with the concepts of goddesses, looking at the many archetypes of female aspects personified in various goddesses worshipped around the world. And that’s what I’ll be doing in the 6 week course this spring.

Do you have to believe in goddesses to come dance?
You do need to believe in you.
(Or be willing to start believing in you.)


Photo from Aziz and Company – 365 Bank street.


Photo from Aziz and Company – 365 Bank street.

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June 15th – we dance! For Love of Dance fundraiser welcomes Bellywood!

“For the Love of Dance” Multicultural Showcase and Fundraiser
Saturday June 15th (6:30-9:30 pm)
Alumni Theatre, University of Ottawa (Jock-Turcot University Centre)

For updates on the many different kinds of dance styles and performers, please visit

NOTE : Halyma will be performing with Bollywood For Fun and Bellywood with Halyma  So come on out!!

Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids under 12 and all show proceeds will be donated to the All4One Charity, a foundation that helps cancer patients in financial need.

Tickets can be purchased from the recipient charity, at

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Fusion Fun: Mudras with Amrita Choudhury and @Delhi2Dublin

A while back, I picked up Amrita Choudhury’s book on mudras to help me explain them in class and practice them myself!  Here’s her latest promotional video:

And since I am talking about the Bellywood fun in my world, I’ve also got plans to see Delhi2Dublin when they hit Ottawa at Maverick’s on October 25th.

They often seem to be here on a weeknight, but since it’s right after my Thursday Bellywood, class, I think I can manage to be a night owl for one night!
I totally love their new album and have used 2 of their songs for class routines already! Here’s one of their early songs that I have performed to at some events in the past:

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Come to the Bazaar!

Catering to both of our favourite dance forms and more – the Ottawa Dancer’s Bazaar is going to have loads of goodies to accessorize, as well as outfit us for future dance events!!

You can also come chat with me at my booth – TAV Creations/Halyma’s Belly Dance! It gets too logn when i include Bellywood with Halyma too :-)!

Hope to see you Feb 26!


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SUMMER mini Session at Dovercourt!

Running each Wednesdsay in July, 7 p.m. to 7:55 p.m., you can come play in the studio at Dovercourt Rec Centre, 411 Dovercourt.
GO HERE and USE THE BARCODE #72542 to sign up – only $43 for the 4 classes!




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Here’s what can happen when you take Bellywood with Halyma

This is from the April 2, 2011 fundraising event we performed at!

THERE WILL BE  A NEW ROUTINE for the spring 2011 session!


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And then on Sunday…

I’ll be checking out this Lecture Demo at the Museum of Civilization!
Go here for info!


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Bellywood With Halyma Dancing at April 2 Fundraiser!

This Saturday, April 2, you are most welcome to join us for a fun evening of Belly dance, Bollywood and some Bellywood with Halyma!
Here are all of the fun details – please come out and support the Treasured Chests walking team!

Saturday, April 2, 2011:

Come out and enjoy the show:

Featuring Halyma, Saddiqah, Eurika, Farasha, Vera, Zeevah, and more!Also enjoy the fun energy of Ottawa’s Bollywood For Fun dancers!



And welcome some new emerging dancers to Ottawa ‘s performance scene!

Middle Eastern epicurean delights, Raffle for Prizes, Plenty of fun all-around!
To purchase your tickets in person, fill in the contact form below.
Order your tickets online and your Paypal receipt will work at the door as your ticket!
Ticket price $ 26 via PayPal Donation ($25 plus $1 partial fee for PayPal)
1 ticket -$26.00 total. Click this button:
2 tickets- $52.00 total. Click this button to order:

Proceeds go to the Treasured Chests Circle of Hope fundraising efforts for the 2011 Shoppers Drug Mart Walk for a Cure

Check back for more info on our featured dancers:



Bollywood For Fun






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Some Bellywood ahead…

Just a quick note to point out this posting from my other blog!

I will be performing this coming Friday evening in a show at the Arts Court Theatre and then on Sunday, the Dancers’ Bazaar will host a feast for the eyes and the pocket book – loads of belly dance and bollywood costumes available for the new and professional dancer!

CLICK HERE and read up more on the fun that is happening this weekend!


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