I have realized there are going to be a few topics to cover when it comes to music, so I’ll start with the basics here and add as I go!

Where can I get Music?

I use two online pay services to get the music I use in class.

  • DRM* free, monthly or annual subscription fee for a designated number of downloads/songs.
  • Pay per use – songs cost $0.99/$1.29 depending on DRM* limitations.
  • Click here for the playlist I use in class < I’ve added links to youtube videos where I can>.

*Digital Rights Management

A few of my favourite so far:


Post artists names, cds, links, etc., to legally available music sources, in the Comments so that everyone can learn about new music for this fun dance form and general listening!

[ I strongly discourage downloading music for free from “torrent” sites as the artists get NO PAYMENT at all for their work through those sites.]


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